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Week 8: Insurance - Part 1, Episode 15

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"If a child, a spouse, a life partner, or a parent depends on you and your income, you need life insurance."

Suze Orman


to Managing My Money presented by Glen Goodman and Annie Weston


  • Protection against things going wrong
  • Passes risk from you to the insurer
  • Governed by a policy
  • Paid for by a monthly or annual premium
  • Based on 'pooling' risk with others

How different types of insurance are used

How insurance works

  • By pooling the risk
  • Actuaries calculate the probabilities of events
  • Lots of questions on the proposal form to enable the insurer to assess the risk
  • The lower the risk, the lower the premium


Use the financial planning model to:

  • Assess: how much what you want to cover is worth to you
  • Decide: shop around, think about exclusions, use a broker or financial advisor
  • Act: complete the proposal, and start the policy
  • Review: check things are still covered, avoid inertia and double insuring

Martin Upton discusses some strategies for reducing your insurance premiums: 

  • Use the 'excess' to self-insure some of the risk
  • Only insure buildings you own
  • Live in a lower burglary area
  • Smokers pay more


Car insurance

  • Three types:
    • Third Party (compulsory)
    • 3rd Party, Fire & Theft
    • Comprehensive
  • Premiums vary widely: shop around
  • Drive carefully to maintain your no claims discount
  • Gender discrimination is no longer allowed (EU law) - it used to offer women lower premiums

Other Insurance

  • Travel: in the European Union you also are covered by EHIC (EU Health Insurance Card)
  • Extended warranties: do you really need them?
  • Payment protection insurance: large mis-selling scandal
  • Life insurance: term, open-ended (whole life), endowment (investment element)
  • Private health insurance
  • Critical illness cover 

And don't forget:

That in the United Kingdom there's always a safety net in the welfare state: that's what National Insurance is meant to cover ..


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