Managing My Money

Week 2: Income, Tax and Benefits - Part 1, Episode 3

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'It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating'.

Oscar Wilde 


to Managing My Money presented by Glen Goodman and Annie Weston

Taking control of your finances with the show that's a course ..

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Having a high income doesn't necessarily mean you're wealthy


Having wealth doesn't necessarily mean you have cash to spare

Income and/or Wealth

Bonfire of the Vanities

Equity Release

A method of releasing some of the cash value from a property you own 

Different types of Wealth - your 'Assets'

  • Savings Account, with some interest income
  • Home ownership, illiquid & no income
  • Liquid Assets: cash balances, shares in large companies
  • Pension scheme: illiquid until you're 55+
  • Sales via e-Bay: pot luck!

Inflation -

Wages chase prices in a spiral of increase: so no-one's better off. Meanwhile money saved becomes worth less.

Ben, Bill's bungling accomplice, and how inflation has eroded their loot ..

Different types of Inflation

  • CPI (generally lower than RPI) 
  • RPI (includes mortgages: borrowing to buy a house)
  • What's measured - the basket, what's in, what's out


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Managing My Money

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